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Town Council Meeting: Monday night’s second Public Hearing on Polo Center 650 Aquidneck Ave TAP 114 Lot 108 and Lot 109 Postponed to April 17, 2017

Town of Middletown
March 17, 2017

At the request of the applicant, the following item from the March 20 meeting is postponed and re-scheduled to be heard at the regular Town Council meeting on Monday, April 17, 2017.

28. Public Hearing (Advertised; Abutters notified)

Public Hearing Remains Open

An Ordinance of the Town of Middletown (Second Reading)

An Ordinance in amendment to the Town Code of the Town of Middletown, Title XV Land Usage, Chapter 152 Zoning Code, seeking to change the zoning classifications of Lots 108 and 109 on TAP 114 from Medium Density Residential Traffic Sensitive (R-20A) to Limited Business Traffic Sensitive (LBA) (TAP 114 Lot 108 property address is 650 Aquidneck Avenue; TAP 114 Lot 109 property is Aquidneck Avenue). (Planning Board recommendation attached)