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Quarterly Transparency Reports

RIGL§ 45-12-22.2 Monitoring of financial operations-All budget-to-actual financial information as required in subsection (b), municipal-data report as required in subsection (c), and reports required pursuant to the provisions of § 44-35-10 shall be submitted to the division of municipal finance through the use of the division's Transparency Portal, in the format required by the division of municipal finance, which will be located on the division's website. The division of municipal finance will create a finalized report from all information submitted through the Transparency Portal ("Transparency Report"). The division of municipal finance will submit the Transparency Report to the municipality to be signed by the chief executive officer, chief financial officer, superintendent of the school district, and chief financial officer for the school district. All signed Transparency Reports shall be posted to the municipality's website within ten business days of receipt of such report. The municipalities shall provide a copy of the signed Transparency Report to the commissioner of education, the office of the auditor general, the municipality's council president, and the school committee chair. In addition, a copy of the signed Transparency Report, which has been designated by the division of municipal finance for inclusion in the municipality's audited financial statements, shall be provided by the municipality to its auditor.

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Please contact the finance department at 401-846-4478 for prior and current reports.