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The Coalition has launched our campaign, “Talk They Hear You” developed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), encouraging parents and caregivers to talk their kids about the health risks and dangers of underage drinking.

Learn about the program and the resources available at samhsa.gov/talk-they-hear-you.

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“Talk. They Hear You” mobile app 

This app helps parents and caregivers prepare for some of the most important conversations they may ever have with their kids. It shows them how to turn everyday situations into opportunities to talk with their children about alcohol and other drugs, and equips them with the necessary skills, confidence, and knowledge to start and continue these conversations as their kids get older. 

App Features include:

  • Sample conversation starters 
  • Ways to keep the conversation going 
  • An interactive practice simulation section 
  • The opportunity to earn badges for practicing and having real-life conversations
  • A resources section with informative and useful videos, fact sheets, brochures, infographics, guides/toolkits, and more.

Download the app at samhsa.gov/talk-they-hear-you/mobile-application

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Please read our recent Letters to the Editor discussing some of the major concerns around increased access to marijuana for youth, a reduction in youth “perception of harm,” the increased potency of today’s marijuana and forms of consumption available such as vaping and edibles.

Popularity of Vaping Higher THC Marijuana Products Rising Among Youth by Christine Nolan.

The Threat to Our Kids' Health and Safety from Marijuana Edibles by Anne Schultz.

The Unintended Consequences of Marijuana Legalization by Middletown Prevention Coalition Director Lori Verderosa.

For more information and resources on the impact of marijuana legalization at https://learnaboutsam.org

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Middletown Family Day 2022 was a huge success. Thanks to all who attended and helped make it a memorable day!

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Thanks to all who participated in Middletown Wellness Month 2022 to make it such a fantastic success for the community.

We hope Middletown families found these activities helpful on a path to healthy living!

The Middletown Prevention Coalition

Gentle Mindful Yoga for Seniors

Join Interfaith Reverend, yoga instructor and mindfulness guide, Shelley Dungan, for a time of gentle stretching, mindfulness meditation and relaxation at the Middletown Senior Center. No prior experience is necessary. Please bring your own mat and a thick, cozy blanket.

Wellness in Nature – a pathway to physical health, inner peace and mindfulness

Join Interfaith Reverend and yoga instructor, Shelley Dungan, and Norman Bird Sanctuary’s Garden Manager, Joye Whitney, at the Norman Bird Sanctuary for a time of movement and relaxation to promote overall wellness. The intention of this activity is to enjoy time outdoors as a pathway to physical health, inner peace and a positive sense of mindfulness in nature. Participants will mindfully walk on the trails and be involved with simple stretching to enhance relaxation and body focused mindfulness.

Wellness and Recovery Workshop

The Middletown Prevention Coalition in partnership with the Hope Recovery Center offers this workshop focusing on wellness, a daily practice of habits that support your overall health, recovery, and well-being. Come learn a few basic wellness practices that you can easily implement into your busy life and share with your family. Session will be guided by Heather Paris, Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS), Wellness Coach, Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Sound Healer, Family Coach and best-selling author and Tyrone K. Jackson, Wellness Coach at Parent Support Network of RI, Reiki Master, Spiritual and Transitional Coach, Yoga & Mindful Meditation Teacher & Student.

Wellness Month Field Day

Newport County YMCA in partnership with the Middletown Prevention Coalition will be hosting a field day! Come and participate in fun and engaging activities geared towards different aspects of wellness for ages 5 to 12 years. Events will include interactive teambuilding activities, DIY stress balls, and a mini activity on healthy eating. Activities will meet state COVID regulations and YMCA safety protocols. Please dress according to the weather. The fields may be muddy, please wear boots!

Wellness Month Fitness Classes

Interested in trying something new while getting fit? How about Kickboxing, Cardio Barre, Power Yoga or Zumba? Newport County YMCA in partnership with the Middletown Prevention Coalition will be hosting free online fitness classes open to Middletown families for the month of March.

Healthy Meals for the Family Made Easy – Ways to turn family favorites into healthy meals your kids will love!

Chef Brigid has prepared a culinary learning experience designed to cover some basic plant-based preparation and planning techniques. The goal is to teach you how to substitute healthier proteins and ingredients in some traditional favorites so that you and your family can prepare meals at home together that are naturally nutritious. These meals focus on minimal ingredients, smart prep and getting food on the table in under an hour.
Read Chef Brigid's bio and meal descriptions here.

Gaudet Middle School Celebrates with Wellness Month Activities

Students and staff at Gaudet will celebrate wellness month with a health and wellness theme each week. Activities will align with the theme. There will be opportunities to take a wellness walk, create Zen gardens to manage stress, write thank you notes to staff to show appreciation, participate in a digital escape room to learn about self-care, create kindness rocks, and much more. Information on how to participate will be emailed to parents and students and will be included in the morning announcements.
Week 1 – Physical Health
Week 2 – Mental/Emotional Health
Week 3 – Self-Care
Week 4 – Try Something New
Week 5 – Nutrition

Middletown High School Celebrates with Wellness Month Activities

MHS students and staff will celebrate Wellness Month by participating in various activities to support emotional and physical well-being. The month kicks off with the opportunity to join the Wellness Walk Challenge! Students may engage in friendly competition with their peers, faculty, and staff members. Students will have the opportunity to engage in mindfulness and social emotional learning through MyIntent bracelet making workshops, a social health game night, the creation of a wellness themed mural designed to serve as a meaningful representation and reminder of healthy choices and overall wellness for the student population. Information on how to participate will be emailed to parents and students and will be included in the morning announcements.

Middletown Wellness Walk

Join the Middletown Wellness Month’s “Wellness Walk Challenge” and walk your way to health and to the top of the competition. Get outside with friends, family, pets, or take a solo hike to participate in the Walk. Register under the challenge category that is a fit for you i.e., “Forest Avenue,” “Gaudet Middle School”, “Community” for adults, etc.  Prizes will be awarded in each category for the person who spends the most time walking as tracked through the MapMyWalk app.  

Walk anytime throughout the month of March at any of your favorite places to walk. Have fun while you Walk to Wellness!

4th Annual Middletown Wellness Month Community Volleyball Tournament

Do you like to play volleyball? Do you enjoy friendly competition between your friends, family, or coworkers? If you do, come, and participate in the 4th Annual Middletown Volleyball Tournament Sponsored by Islanders Committed, the youth committee of the Middletown Prevention Coalition.

See Something Know Something Say Something!!! Final Copy

Please support the work of the Middletown Prevention Coalition (MPC)! We welcome your contribution as an investment in the health and wellness of our youth!

Your donation will go to programs and initiatives that will directly impact the mental health and well-being of our Middletown youth.


Donate to the Middletown Prevention Coalition online.


To create a safe, healthy, and drug-free Middletown.


To mobilize and empower the Middletown community through action, education, support, and collaboration to reduce risky behaviors and motivate youth and adults to safe and healthy lifestyles.

MPC Goals

To decrease youth substance use and reduce access to substances while promoting health and wellness in the community and enhancing healthy choices.

To build the capacity of the coalition and the community to reduce youth substance use and create a safe, healthy, and drug-free Middletown where our youth can thrive and achieve their greatest potential.

Definition of "Prevention"

The role of prevention is to create healthy communities in which people have a "quality of life" such as healthy environments at work and at school; supportive communities and neighborhoods; connections with family/friends and drug and crime-free communities.

Prevention focusing on risk and protective factors is based on a simple premise: to prevent a problem, we need to identify factors that increase the risk of the problem developing. We then need to find ways that enhance protective or resiliency factors. - Risk and Protective Factors, Dr. Hawkins and Catalano, University of Washington

Risk Factors & Protective Factors

Risk factors and protective factors are the conditions in the community, family, school, and individual's environments that are known to increase or decrease the likelihood that a young person will engage in one or more problem behaviors, such as substance abuse, bullying, or dropping out of school.

Why do we look at these? The more risk factors youth face, the more likely the child is to have problems as an adult. Enhancing protective factors minimizes the problem behaviors. The MPC looks at our community through this lens so we can select activities, strategies, and programs individualized to our Middletown needs.

MPC Membership

The MPC is a community-based organization comprised of individuals representing various public and private sectors of the Middletown community. These sectors include:

  • Business
  • Civic or volunteer organizations
  • Health care
  • Law enforcement
  • Media
  • Organizations involved in reducing substance abuse
  • Parents
  • Religious or fraternal organizations
  • School
  • State, local governmental agency
  • Youth
  • Youth-serving organizations
  • Other interested citizens

The "best practices" literature for community change states that all major sectors of a community need to be around the table in order to impact the norms around substance use and create true community change. Are you interested in creating a Middletown where our youth can thrive? Email MPC.

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