Smoke Detector Safety Program

This complimentary service is available to all Middletown residents. The Middletown Fire Department will evaluate the condition of your present smoke detectors and help you to install new smoke detectors in the locations where they are needed. Properly working smoke detectors should be located in every home as prescribed by the manufacturer and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Homeowners and occupants will be instructed in their use and maintenance by Middletown Fire Department members.


  • Firefighters will install a properly located, battery-operated smoke detector at no charge for any elderly, handicapped, or otherwise impaired residents. The Middletown Fire Department will also check any existing smoke detectors to ensure they are working and properly located.
  • If you own your home and are unable to purchase a smoke detector the Middletown Fire Department has both smoke and carbon monoxide detectors available.
  • If you are renting your home and smoke detectors do not work or are not present please contact the Middletown Fire Prevention Office.
  • All rental property owners are required by law to provide working smoke detectors in their residential properties.
  • The Middletown fire marshal will assist in requiring that the building's owner install the required smoke detectors as specified in the Rhode Island Fire Code.


Fire safety and prevention in the home are major concerns for all community fire departments. The Middletown Fire Department has many resources available to the public to help keep their homes safe. One of these assets is the Smoke Detector Program. The Fire Department sponsors a free service designed to help ensure that all homes in Middletown are equipped with working smoke detectors.