Discouraging Coyotes

If you are having a problem with coyotes in your neighborhood, please contact Animal Control Officer Greg Gerjets for assistance.

Attention All Middletown Commercial Facilities

The Narragansett Bay Coyote Study (NBCS) has brought to the attention of Middletown Police that commercial dumpsters and food waste are drawing coyotes into town, increasing the chance of human-coyote encounters. GPS collar data from a forensic tracking coyote the study refers to as "Cliff," show that coyotes are visiting main streets and numbers of commercial facilities on a nightly basis. As a result, coyotes are becoming habituated to people by receiving food in these commercial facilities and are sometimes seen during the day.

Trouble Spots

Coyotes would not exhibit this bold behavior if they were not finding food. NBCS has advised us that particular trouble spots include commercial areas in Middletown on:

  • Aquidneck Avenue
  • East Main Road
  • Enterprise Drive
  • Valley Road
  • West Main Road

Ways to Help

We are asking all Middletown businesses for cooperation in cutting down urban coyote traffic and increasing public safety in the following ways:

  • Close all dumpster doors and lock or clip side doors (which coyotes can open).
  • Make sure garbage bins are closed and wildlife resistant.
  • Identify and clean up any other possible attractants.
  • If your business cares for outdoor cats feed them only when you are present and only as much as they will immediately eat.
  • Never leave out food for coyotes.
  • If you observe unsecured food, garbage, unintentional, or intentional coyote feeding, please report it to the Middletown Police at 401-846-1144.


Feeding coyotes or leaving out food attractants is illegal in Middletown and carries fines up to $500 per incident.


The Middletown Police are asking for your immediate compliance. If you need help securing trash please call your dumpster service for assistance.