Civilian Complaint Procedures

The Middletown Police Department is dedicated to upholding high ethical standards and a high degree of honesty in accomplishing our law enforcement mission. To protect the citizenry, officers and the reputation of the Middletown Police Department, the Chief of Police is responsible for conducting prompt and thorough investigations of all complaints received to maintain high professional standards within the department.

With the goal of maintaining professional standards, the Middletown Police Department has an Internal Affairs Officer, who shall investigate all internal matters, allegations, and other complaints against all department personnel. The Internal Affairs Officer is directly responsible for the investigation of these complaints and reports directly to the Chief of Police. Any person wishing to file a complaint may do so with any sworn officer at the department. That officer is mandated to log the receipt of the complaint into the daily police log and promptly notify the Patrol Shift Supervisor who will collect as much information as necessary to complete a Personnel Complaint Report Form. This form will then be forwarded to the Internal Affairs Officer.

The forms necessary to make a complaint against an officer are available in the lobby of the Middletown Police Department, at the Middletown Public Library or download the form at the link below. The completed forms may be mailed to the police department if the complainant does not feel comfortable dropping the paperwork off at the police station.

The Internal Affairs Officer maintains the confidential status of all internal affairs investigations and records. All internal affairs investigations are conducted in accordance with the Middletown Police Department Rules and Regulations, Departmental General and Special Orders, Departmental Policies and Procedures, the Rhode Island Law Enforcement Officers' Bill of Rights and existing collective bargaining agreements.

All complainants will be formally notified by the Internal Affairs Officer of the beginning and the end of an internal investigation, along with periodic status reports, when necessary.

William D. Kewer
Chief of Police

Download a Civilian Complaint Form here