Application for Veteran Exemption

Middletown Veteran Exemption Application & Qualifications

Veteran - $25,777

  • The property of each person who served in the military or naval service of the United States in the war of the rebellion, the Spanish-American war, the insurrection in the Philippines, the China-relief expedition, or World War I, and the property of each person who served in the military or naval service of the United States in World War II at any time during the period beginning December 7, 1941, and ending on December 31, 1946, and the property of each person who served in the military or naval services of the United States in the Korean conflict at any time during the period beginning June 27, 1950 and ending January 31, 1955 or in the Vietnam conflict at any time during the period beginning February 28, 1961 and ending May 7, 1975 or who actually served in the Grenada or Lebanon conflicts of 1983-1984, or the Persian Gulf conflict, the Haitian conflict, the Somalian conflict, and the Bosnian conflict, at any time during the period beginning August 2, 1990 and ending May 1, 1994, or in any conflict or undeclared war for which a campaign ribbon or expeditionary medal was earned, and who was honorably discharged from the service, or who was discharged under conditions other than dishonorable, or who, if not discharged, served honorably.
  • Members of the Merchant Marine who were residents of the State of Rhode Island at the time of enlistment who served for at least 6 months, may, under certain circumstances, apply to the Veterans Administration for a discharge certificate making them eligible for veteran benefits stemming from World War II.
  • All veterans must provide a DD-214 to prove dates of service. Those in military service not regularly issued a DD-214 must provide proper separation papers. Those that are still active must provide military documentation of qualification.
  • All applications must be returned to the Assessor's Office by March 15 of the year of application.

Widow/Widower of Veteran - $25,777

The widow or widower of a veteran, as qualified above, who has not remarried.

Veteran Administration (VA) Certified 100% Disabled - $51,555

The veteran, qualified under standard veterans' exemptions rules, who is certified as having 100% service connected disability. A certificate attesting to the permanent disability from the Veterans Administration must be presented. This exemption will be issued in lieu of the basic veteran exemption.

VA Certified Specially Adapted Housing - $106,083

Those who qualify for the 100% disabled exemption and who have received VA monies to specially adapt housing shall be exempt for that homestead. Proof of having received money to acquire or modify the home must be supplied upon application. Property meeting the Veteran's Administration and Americans with Disability Act guidelines for adaptive housing, or which has been acquired or modified using proceeds from the sale of any previously qualified homestead is exempt in total. This exemption is extended to the widow/widower of the veteran so long as he/she retains and occupies the property.

Gold Star Parent - $38,676

Any person whose son or daughter is listed as a casualty of war. A death certificate listing the veteran as a casualty must accompany the application. Only one parent may qualify for this exemption

Prisoner of War - $31,294

Any veteran classified as a prisoner of war by the VA. Proof will consist of a letter from the VA.

Service Period Date Ranges

To qualify for the following service periods you must provide proof of medal, ribbon or other government certification of participation.

ConflictOperation NamesBeginEnd
BerlinCold War/Show of StrengthMay 9, 1945October 2, 1990
BerlinShow of StrengthAugust 14, 1961June 1, 1963
Cambodia, ThailandBombing CampaignMarch 29, 1973August 15, 1973
CambodiaOperation Eagle Pull/EvacuationApril 11, 1975April 13, 1975
CambodiaMayaguez Hostage RescueMay 5, 1975May 5, 1975
Congo (Zaire)Operation Newtape - United Nations PeacekeepingJuly 14, 1960September 1, 1962
CongoOperation Dragon/Red and Black RescueNovember 23, 1964November 27, 1964
CubaMissile CrisisOctober 24, 1962June 1, 1963
CubaJoint Task Force Guantanamo BayNovember 22, 1991June 30, 1992
CubaJoint Task Force/Operation Sea SignalMay 20, 1994April 15, 1996
Dominican RepublicEvacuation and PeacekeepingApril 28, 1965September 21, 1966
El SalvadorAdvisory/TrainingJanuary 1, 1981February 2, 1992
Former Republic of YugoslaviaOperation Joint Endeavor and GuardNovember 11, 1995
December 20, 1996
December 19, 1996
June 20, 1998
Former Republic of YugoslaviaOperation Joint Endeavor/Joint Guard and ForceDecember 20, 1995Ongoing
GrenadaOperation Urgent Fury/EvacuationOctober 23, 1983November 21, 1983
HaitiJoint Task Force 180, 190 and MNF Operations
Uphold and Restore Democracy
September 10, 1994March 31, 1995
HaitiOperation Uphold DemocracySeptember 16, 1994March 31, 1995
HaitiOperation: UNMHH1, U.S. for Haiti, USSPTG-HaitiApril 1, 1995January 31, 2000
Kenya, SomaliaJoint Task Force Provide ReliefAugust 18, 1992December 4, 1992
KoreaPresident Orders InterventionJune 27, 1950November 8, 1954
KosovoOperation Allied Force, Joint GuardianMarch 24, 1999Ongoing
Kwajalein, Republic of Marshall IslandsJoint Task Force Provide RefugeFebruary 11, 1993March 11, 1993
LaosCounter InsurgencyApril 19, 1961October 7, 1962
LebanonOperation Blue Bat/PeacekeepingJuly 1, 1958November 1, 1958
LebanonPeacekeepingJune 1, 1983December 1, 1987
LiberiaOperation Sharp EdgeAugust 5, 1990August 25, 1990
LiberaJoint Task Force Assured ResponseApril 8, 1996August 12, 1996
LibyaOperation Eldorado CanyonApril 12, 1986April 17, 1986
Northern Iraq, TurkeyCombined Task Force Provide Comfort - Northern Iraq, TurkeyApril 5, 1991July 31, 1993
Northern Iraq, TurkeyCombined Task Force Provide Comfort - Norther Iraq - Incirlik Air Base TurkeyDecember 1, 1995July 31, 1993
PanamaOperation Just CauseDecember 20, 1989January 31, 1990
PanamaJoint Task Force Safe HavenAugust 26, 1994March 3, 1995
Persian GulfOperation Desert Shield and Desert StormAugust 2, 1990November 30, 1995
Persian GulfOperation Earnest Will/Naval EscortJuly 24, 1987August 1, 1990
Quemoy, MatsuShow of Force and EscortAugust 23, 1956June 1, 1963
RussiaOperation Provide HopeFebruary 1, 1992April 30, 1993
RwandaJoint Task Force Support HopeJuly 20, 1994October 7, 1994
Sinai, EgyptPeacekeepingAugust 3, 1981Present
SomaliaOperations Restore Hope and United ShieldDecember 5, 1992March 31, 1995
South West AsiaOperations Southern Watch, Maritime Intercept Operation, Vigilant Sentinel, Northern Watch, Desert Thunder, Desert Fox, Exercise Intrinsic Action, Exercise Iris Gold, Desert SpringDecember 1995Ongoing
SurnameJoint Task Force Distant HavenAugust 19, 1958October 31, 1994
Taiwan StraitsShow of ForceAugust 23, 1958January 1, 1959
Various OperationsOperation Noble Eagle, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi FreedomSeptember 12, 2001Ongoing
Various MedalsRecipients of Global War Expeditionary Medal, Global War on Terrorism MedalOngoingN/A
VietnamOperation Frequent Wind/EvacuationApril 29, 1975April 30, 1975
VietnamAdvisory/US Troops Ordered to Undertake Offensive PositionJuly 1, 1958July 3, 1965
Wake IslandMid-Pacific Joint Task Force Prompt ReturnJuly 12, 1995August 10, 1995