Boards & Committees Vacancies

Volunteer for current Town of Middletown Board vacancies.

The Town Council of the Town of Middletown is seeking qualified Middletown electors to serve on the following named Town boards and commissions:

  • Affordable Housing Committee (New Committee)
  • Aquidneck Island Planning Commission
    2 vacancies, 1 vacancy to complete term expiring July 2023, 1 vacancy term expiring July 2024
  • Conservation Commission
    2 vacancies, terms expiring July 2024
  • Open Space and Fields Committee
    2 vacancies to complete terms expiring November 2021
  • Personnel Review Board, Bi-Partisan Board
    1 vacancy to fill Republican Representative, term expiring June 2023
  • Senior Affordable Housing Committee (New Committee)
  • Senior Citizens Board of Directors
    2 vacancies,1 term expiring January 2024, 1 term expiring Nov. 2022
  • Zoning Board of Review
    4 vacancies, 1 term expiring April 2026, 3 terms expiring April 2022


Applications are available at:
Office of the Town Clerk
Town Hall
350 East Main Road
Middletown, RI 02842

You may also apply to serve on a board or committee online.

The deadline to apply is June 4, 2021.