Public Records Request

The Access to Public Records Act ("Act") contained in Rhode Island General Laws (RIGL) section 38-2-1 et seq., requires public agencies to provide access to certain public records. These public records, together with exclusions, the cost for obtaining, and response deadlines are more fully described in the Act.

In accordance with the Act, the Town of Middletown has adopted policies and procedures to assist the public in making requests for records possessed by the Town. View the Town's Public Records Request Guidelines and Form (PDF).


If you have any questions about the process for accessing a public record that is maintained by the Town of Middletown, you should contact one of the following departmental Public Records Officers, or the Town Clerk at 401-847-0009 with general questions.

Access to Public Records Act Statement

The Town of Middletown is committed to providing public records in an expeditious and courteous manner consistent with the Access to Public Records Act.