Modifications to Trees on Public Property

To request for pruning or removal of a public tree please use our online form (emails will not be accepted).If you are unsure if the tree is on public property, it will be determined when filling out the online form.

The tree in front of your house or business may be on public property. By town ordinance, any modification of a tree on public property requires the approval of the Middletown Tree Commission, or potentially face a fine.


To protect and preserve our beautiful town landscape and to define the mandatory and necessary steps that must be taken for consideration of requests to remove or alter/prune street trees located on public and town roads and right-of-way in the town of Middletown, RI.


Item Number 1: The request must be formally written and submitted to the town of Middletown, RI Tree Commission at Middletown Town Hall, 350 East main Road Middletown, RI 02842 E mail requests will not be accepted. The formal request must be signed by the requestor and owner of the residential or commercial property on which the subject trees are located. The requestor must state the reasons for the tree removal and/or pruning. These items will be reviewed by the tree commission for acceptance or disapproval. Within two weeks of receipt, the requestor will be formally notified in writing of the commission's decision.

Item Number 2: Information that must be included when submitting request:

  • Address
  • Full Name
  • Phone Number

Please note: the site must be available for physical viewing and a meeting with the requestor may be required to complete the review. Please note that the name and contact information of the company removing the tree is also required. Additional information may be requested to complete the review.

Item Number 3: Example of reasons for tree removal alteration or pruning would include safety concerns:

  • Considered to be an obstruction and/or a hindrance to motor vehicle or pedestrian travel (certified by the police or fire department)
  • Damaged or diseased trees (certified by the tree warden)
  • Tree located in an approved right-of-way (certified by the town building/zoning department)