RIPCA 20 for 2020 Pledge

           Twenty for 2020

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         RIPCA Twenty for 2020

The forty-eight (48) Rhode Island police chiefs comprised of municipal, state, campus and environmental police departments, represented by the Rhode Island Police Chiefs’ Association signed into action the Twenty for 2020 Campaign. This campaign is an effort to reinforce the public’s faith in its police departments. We want to ensure a statewide focus on training, transparency, communication and human rights.

“I am very proud to advocate and commit to the Twenty for 2020 Campaign. It is essential that all law enforcement work in collaboration with all stakeholders to promptly gain and reaffirm the trust within our communities. These twenty priority initiatives described are a starting point and a pledge of commitment to further enhance our community relationships in a way that fosters open honest dialogue and bring about effective positive change in modern-day policing.”

Chief William D. Kewer