Middletown Shares

We want to hear what you think

Middletown Shares is a new, town-sponsored community platform for residents, businesspeople and visitors to learn and discuss some of the ongoing issues of Middletown.

As part of the platform, the latest information about an issue will be loaded to this webpage. This could include everything from design plans for a project and artist renderings to a video of a community forum and other important documents. There will also be a passively moderated forum available for anyone to chat and discuss the issues in a safe, threat-free environment.

The thinking with Middletown Shares is it will help the entire community understand the issues of Middletown better in a more holistic, grassroots way. Remember, we might not all agree all of the time, but we should all be focused on making family friendly Middletown the best place possible to live, work and play.


Middletown Shares No. 7

Linden Park

The Town Council is considering multiple ideas for the future of Linden Park at 141 West Main Road. Among those include redoing the five-acre park with a new playground, playing field and four pickleball courts on the southwestern corner of the site. The Town's Affordable Housing Committee has also suggested the property be in the mix for a new affordable housing project. The former Peckham School site at 650 Green End Avenue and Oliphant administration building at 26 Oliphant Lane are also part of that conversation.

Get in the conversation by clicking on the Linden Park link.

Middletown Shares No. 7 Documents

Linden Park Proposal November 2021

Middletown Shares No. 6

American Rescue Plan Act Input

Middletown is expected to receive close to $5 million in American Rescue Plan Act money. The Town wants to hear what you think the federal funding should be used for, whether it’s public health, infrastructure, economic relief or other options.

Local leaders have said they’d like to do something special with the money, something that has a lasting impact on the community rather than a stopgap measure. The deadline to submit ideas and suggestions is Dec. 17. The Town Council is expected to decide on the Town’s priority list in late February 2022.

We welcome any and all ideas. Visit Community Voice to add to the conversation. Think creatively and help make Middletown an even better place to live, work and play.

Middletown Shares No. 5

School Buildings & Grounds

For years, Middletown has talked about what to do with its school building and grounds, if anything.

To date, the schools and community have focused on a "fix what we have model," where the existing facilities are renovated and improved.

Now, a new school Building Committee is tackling the issue again, with the Town Council on board with a Stage 1 submission to the state that Middletown is interested in improving its school buildings. 

Especially attractive is the at least 35 percent reimbursement essentially guaranteed from the state, a figure that could go up to 52 percent plus if certain thresholds are met.

To see the lengthy Stage 1 submission, check it out under the documents section. To participate in a community dialogue on the issue, click on the School Building & Grounds link and add your thoughts.

Middletown Shares No. 4

Short-Term Rentals

There are some issues that just spark conversation. In Middletown, short-term rentals seem to be one item that generates discussion, no matter where you go.

After hearing concerns from some residents and short-term rental operators themselves, the Town promised to step up enforcement on problem properties this summer.

As that work continues, the Town Council created a new Short-Term Rental Task Force to investigate the matter and come up with fair, equitable solutions. 

To offer input on what you'd like to see happen with short-term rentals in Middletown, visit Short-Term Rental Forum online to share your ideas and opinions.

Middletown Shares No. 3

Narragansett Electric (National Grid) Plans For Old Mill Lane Liquified Natural Gas Operation

In January 2019, close to 7,500 customers in Middletown and Newport lost natural gas service in the middle of winter. Ever since, the utility provider has been under pressure to find reasonable solutions that guarantee there's no repeat without creating other problems.

On June 7, the Town Council received the latest information related to the effort. To view this paperwork and a video circulated by the council, check out all the links. 

Also, to participate in a community discussion about the Narragansett Electric proposal, visit Old Mill Lane LNG Forum online to let your voice be heard.

Middletown Shares No. 2

Proposed Fiscal 2022 Budget

The proposed budget determines spending on everything from the number of school buses on the road to lifeguards at Sachuest Beach as well as police officers part of the force. This year, the proposed budget is $75.9 million, which a 1 percent more than the current figure. If approved, the residential tax rate is expected to be $12.59 per $1,000 of assessed value compared to $16.66 per $1,000 of assessed commercial value.

Take part in the conversation by clicking on the following link: Budget Ideas


Email town officials directly at Budgets@MiddletownRI.com

Middletown Shares No. 1 

Affordable Housing

No matter where you turn in Town, one of the hot topics is the cost of housing. A mirror of what's happening now across the country, some say they can't afford to live in Town anymore and are getting forced from their homes, while others say they'd like to buy into Middletown, but the prices are prohibitive. In response, the Town's Affordable Housing Committee is looking at the options, including bringing projects to Linden Park at 141 West Main Road, the Oliphant administration building at 26 Oliphant Lane and the former Peckham School at 650 Green End Ave.

Get in on the conversation by clicking the Affordable Housing link and offering your feedback and ideas.

Affordable Housing Documents