Dogs In Middletown


Some people love dogs more than their family and for others, their dogs are family, but others aren't such big fans. Whether you're a canine lover or someone who could go without, it's important that everyone follow the rules in dog friendly Middletown.

  • All dogs must be licensed in Middletown, License renewals begin April 1. Cost is $10. Proof of rabies vaccine required. For information, visit dog license online, contact the Town Clerk's office at 401-847-0009 or for details.
  • Starting May 1, dogs are allowed at Sachuest and Third beaches from 5 - 7:45 am only. Read the rules here.
  • Dogs are never allowed on school property, even if leashed.
  • There are plenty of spots across town where dogs are allowed anytime, provided they're leashed.
  • Report a lost pet to the Animal Control Office at 401-846-1144, ext. 7101 as well as the Potter League For Animals at 401-846-8276.
  • Have a cute photo of your canine in Middletown? Send the picture along with the dog's name to via email and it might be posted here.
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Top 5 List About Dogs In Middletown

  1. Any time dogs are off their owner's property, they must be leashed. This includes on the beach, at local parks and on area walking trails.
  2. Pet waste must be collected and thrown out in a trash receptacle, even if it's in a biodegradable bag. Dog waste cannot be placed in a recycling or yard waste bins. Learn more about the impact of per waste on water quality here.
  3. Dogs are not allowed on Middletown's beaches May 1 to Sept. 30 except from 5 - 7:45 a.m. Dogs are permitted on town beaches Oct. 1 to April 30 anytime as long as they're leashed.
  4. Never leave your dog unattended in a motor vehicle because temperatures can fluctuate dramatically and lead to serious health issues.
  5. Dogs are allowed at spots like Middletown Valley and Paradise Valley Park, but not everywhere. Some spots that are off limits include school grounds, athletic fields and most stores and restaurants. Certified service dogs are exempted from these requirements.

Dog friendly locations in Middletown

Provided your pet is leashed, the following locations welcome dogs anytime during the day.

  1. Albro Woods on Mitchell's Lane
  2. Middletown Valley park on O'Neil Boulevard and High Street
  3. Sachuest and Third beaches from Oct. 1 - April 30
  4. The Sakonnet Greenway Trail at various locations on East Main Road, Mitchell's Lane, Wyatt Road

Middletown Animal Control Officer Greg Gerjets

Got advice or concerns about dogs -- or anything else animal related in town -- Gerjets has the answers. On the job for three years now, Gerjets has seen and probably dealt with just about every kind of situation involving animals across the community and is here to help. Before starting in Middletown, Gerjets was the Animal Control Officer in Bristol for five years.

"While studying Criminal Justice with an eye on getting into law enforcement, the opportunity to become a full time Animal Control Officer presented itself," Gerjets said. "I realized early on that I have a big heart for animals and enjoy working with them, which made the Animal Control Officer job a perfect fit."

One of the Gerjets favorite aspects of his job is making a difference for animals that need help.

"I enjoy making a difference and especially seeing the animals I work with getting healthy and adopted into a good home, particularly the ones that have been neglected or abused," Gerjets said. "Being an advocate for animals is something that I find very fulfilling."

Contact information: 

Phone: 401-846-1144, ext. 7101

Don't forget to prepare just in case

The American Red Cross does not allow pets in their emergency shelters, so pet owners are asked to make arrangements in advance to ensure your pet's safety. For more information about what to do to get pet ready in case of an emergency, check out the attached pamphlet from The Potter League For Animals -- Potter League Disaster Checklist