Social Networking

The Town of Middletown leverages mainstream social media websites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo as another important communication vehicle for taxpayers and to those relying on Town services.

The Town of Middletown's use of external social media websites is provided as a public service. The Town of Middletown disclaims liability for ads, videos, promoted content, or comments accessible from any external web page. The responsibility of external consent or comments rests with the organizations or individuals providing them. Any inclusion of external content or comments on external social media websites does not imply endorsement by the Town of Middletown. As such, the Town of Middletown also reserves the right to remove any comments made to any of the Town of Middletown's social media accounts.

Thank you and enjoy learning more about what a great place Middletown is to live, work and play.

Social Media Pages