Proposed Fiscal 2025 Budget

Almost from the moment the current Fiscal 2024 budget was adopted late last summer, town officials have said Fiscal 2025 budget was going to be a challenge. 

With bond payments for the new middle-high school coming due for the first time and other competing interest, local leaders said they don't anticipate any loss of services in the upcoming fiscal year, but tough choices are ahead.

Public hearings on the proposed budget are planned for May 22 and 29 in Town Hall.

At this point, no Fiscal 2025 tax rate has been set by the assessor, but those numbers will begin to come into focus in coming weeks as more work goes into the figures for 2024-2025. 

If you have any ideas or suggestions for the Fiscal 2025 budget, submit them to Fiscal 25 here.

For the latest, check the documents below:

For prior year budgets, audits and more, visit Financial Info online.

Stack Of Budget Documents In Town Hall's Finance Office

Amended FY24 Budget

Graph Of FY24 Amended Budget

FY25 Anticipated Revenues

Graph Of FY25 Revenues For Middletown

Anticipated FY25 Taxes Levied

Taxes Levied By Middletown Graph

FY24 Amended Enterprise Funds

FY25 Enterprise Fund Revenues Graph