What does it cost?

DCYF, Childcare & Daycare Employment

DCYF, Childcare, and Daycare employment is $50 per background check but limited to Middletown Residents only. You must be a resident of Middletown, not employed in Middletown.

A Fingerprint Affidavit (PDF) must be completed and signed by the applicant and employer and presented at the time of fingerprint processing. This form can also be found on the DHS website.

Adoption & Foster Care

Adoption and Foster Care are free of charge.

Massage Therapists, Firefighter Applications, Mental Health Employment, Middletown School Employment & Medical Marijuana Caregiver

The cost for Massage Therapists, Firefighter Applications, Mental Health employment, Middletown School employment, and Medical marijuana caregiver applications is $50.

No Background Check Necessary Applications

Securities and Licensing applications that require just a fingerprint card and no background check are $10 per card.

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