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Town Council Meeting Public Participation Form

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  2. Middletown Town Council Meeting Public Participation Form

    Welcome -- Your Town Council Wants To Hear From You!

    Remember To Complete This Online Form & Submit It To The Town Clerk Or Deputy Town Clerk No Later Than 5 PM The Day Of A Town Council Meeting.

  3. Please CHOOSE ONE Of The Following Categories Below (1 Or 2) & Complete That Section
  4. 1) Public Forum (The Topic I'm Speaking About Is Not On The Meeting Agenda):
  5. During the Public Forum section of the meeting, you're welcome to speak up to five (5) minutes on one topic that's not part of the Town Council's agenda. 

    Remember that comments about personnel and/or job performance are NOT allowed (See the policy at the bottom of this form for more details)

  6. 2) The Topic I'm Speaking About Is On The Meeting Agenda:
  7. Position On The Item Before The Town Council:
  8. Please Choose One Of The Following (A or B):
  9. The Town Council will formally open the Public Hearing & indicate when those in attendance can speak. You are welcome to speak for up to five (5) minutes.

  10. The Town Council will call you to speak by name when the group is ready to hear your feedback. You are welcome to speak up to five (5) minutes.


    1) The Public Forum period shall be at the beginning of the meeting and shall be no longer than fifteen (15) minutes total.

    2) Citizens may address the Council on one subject only and for no longer than five (5) minutes.

    3) Issues shall be related to substantive Town business and must not include items discussed during the regular meeting. NO COMMENTS REGARDING PERSONNEL OR JOB PERFORMANCE ARE ALLOWED.

    4. An Online Public Participation Form must be submitted to the Council Clerk or Deputy Town Clerk NO LATER THAN 5 PM THE DAY OF THE TOWN COUNCIL MEETING.

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