Major Storm Preparations for February 8-9 Storm Event

Town of Middletown
February 7, 2013

Forecast: Snow starts Friday morning…then increases to Heavy Snow Friday afternoon.  Heavy Snow continues Friday night and tapers off Saturday.   Rain/snow mix possible south coast and islands Friday afternoon.  Blizzard conditions expected with low-to-zero visibility.
Damaging winds possible in Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island (gusts to 80 mph possible near southeast coast)
Snow and wind will cause widespread power outages across interior southern New England from late Friday through Saturday.
Moderate to Major coastal flooding and significant erosion likely Friday night and Saturday high tide cycles


Begin preparations now. We have not seen a storm of this potential magnitude in a very long time.

RIEMA suggests everyone make preparations (food, water, supplies, fuel) that will allow them to remain at home for up to 72 hours.

1. Prepare your family and your home. Top of your vehicles with fuel.
2. Ensure, if you have them, that generators are fueled and ready to go.
3. Secure items outside the house, including flags
4. Make sure shovels are handy and your snowblowers are ready.
5. Make sure you have enough bottled water for drinking and non-potable water for bathing and bathroom needs.
6. Check in on your neighbors. If you go to the store, see if any elderly or “shut-ins” need any supplies that they couldn’t travel to the store for on their own.
7. Flashlights, batteries are ready. Try to avoid using candles.
8. Wood for stoves should be under cover and close to your home.
9. When shoveling paths or driveways: work in shifts. Don’t try to move everything all at once.
10. If you need help and dial 911, remember it will take time to get to you. Be patient
11. Please do not tailgate our plows and sanders! They will have a considerable amount of work, if this storm presents as the worst case scenario.
12. If you are on the roads, use extreme caution! Side roads and intersections may be impeded by snow. Others may not see you. Consider staying at home Friday and Saturday.